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Brass Construction is a funk group from Brooklyn, New York ...

Signed in 1975 by internationally known pop artist and music industry veteran Sid Maurer and former Epic Records promotion man Fred Frank, they scored two Billboard Hot 100 entries in 1976 - the most successful being "Movin'," which hit #14. They had much more success on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, with nine chart entries, including "Movin'," which hit #1.

Brass Construction has never been a band to fall back on past success...

That's why during the past years it has claimed its share of gold and platinum albums. Now, there's Reconstruction the group's newest project. Ever since Brass Construction achieved international prominence with their platinum and Grammy nominated debut album the group has created one of the most distinctive sounds in contemporary music.

Traveling constantly, crisscrossing three continents, and touring with successful acts such as the Jackson's, Q'Jays, Earth Wind and Fire, Commordores and Parliament Funkadelics. A blend of friction and finesse, Brass Construction's music mixes an array of uncompromising hard-hitting funk rhythms with guitars, horns and striking keyboard passages.


Coming off a major CD hit "The Best Of Brass Construction" on the Capital EMI label. The "Brass Boy's" bounce back stronger than ever with Shattered Earth Volume 1 and Reconstruction their newest project's. " M.O.B" have continued to diversify and modernize their sound, but steadfastly retain what put them on the map in the beginning: raw power and street Ievel passion.


Notably, the current line-up of Brass Construction consists of :

Mick Grunge

Sax, Bass, Guitar,
Keyboards and Vocals.

Raised in England before moving
to New York who says that his worldly experience perhaps accounts for his varied musical tastes, which run from reggae, classical, jazz to Asian music.

For horn players, he lists Charley Parker and Rahasan Roland Kirk
as his main influences.

Morris Price

Trumpeter, Percussionist,
Vocalists, and Keyboards.

Born in Brooklyn New York noted for upbeat funky syncopated rhythms.

That's why some of the boys nickname him "Mr.Funky Man".


Sandy Billups

Percussionist and Vocals.

Originally a fan of the group, his determination earned him a spot.


Born in Virginia "He says that's
were he inherited his soulful sounding voice". He enjoys the Rap grooves and was influenced by percussionist Mango Santamaria.

Larry Payton

Drums and Vocals. R.I.P

His remarkable rhythmic sense is one of the mainstays of the Brass Construction sound, and his wide taste in music include Billy Cobham and Led Zeppelin.


Past Members have included:

Wade Williamston, Sandy Billups, Morris Price, Larry Payton,
Jesse Ward, Michael "Micky" Grudge, Wayne Parris,
Joseph Arthur Wong, and Randy Muller.

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